What is the BIBbq Group?

At work we have a group of guys that enjoy to go out to lunch every day. There had been several debate to which is Atlanta's best BBQ restaurant . We decided to hit up a different BBQ restaurant each week and rate several aspects of the experience to determine what is truly the Best In BBQ in Atlanta. Thus the BIBbq group was born.

Each week the group will visit a different BBQ restaurant. We are currently located near Perimeter Mall, so we are starting off with the restaurants within a 10 mile radius. We will rate the restaurant on the following categories: Main Dish Taste, Main Dish Tenderness, Sauce, Side Items, Service, Atmosphere, Cost and an Overall rating.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Atlanta Magazine - Atlanta's Best BBQ

Atlanta Magazine's July addition rate's Atlanta's Best BBQ.

Here is their top 5
1. Hickory Pig - Gainsville, GA (63 miles north of Atlanta)
2. Sam's BBQ1
3. Swallow at the Hallow
4. P'cheen - Monday Night is BBQ night
5. Blind Pig BBQ - Jackson, GA(50 miles south of Atlanta)

I do agree that both Sam's BBQ1 and Swallow at the Hallow are both good BBQ joints. Swallow at the Hallow is overpriced and abuses the use of sauce. BBQ1 is just good, maybe not the best but very good. The rest are either too far away or only serving BBQ on Mondays.

The article also has a one page BBQ DIY article. It is based on Sam Huff's PorkU. (Sam is the owner of Sam's BBQ1). Matt attended PorkU a couple of weeks ago and a write up is coming.

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  1. you still have not hit the North Georgia BBQ Company in Helen! This is the 2nd time I have told you. You will thank me. Be sure and order the ribs.